The Golden Summer – Original Story


The story was written by¬†Lorreta Marchize. “In the Golden Summer the Throne of Swords shall be lost, the Crown of light shall be found.” They read it every year, in secret of course, and without Our High King Reginald knowing. I do think we could just call him ‘The King’ or ‘Reginald’, but no we must call him Our High King. Perhaps that has something to do with why we don’t like him? Or did, I should say. But that is not the beginning, no far from it. That is the middle. It all began a hundred years ago, long […]

Worse Than The Worst As A Plot Point


To write a story that affects people, you must make them feel what you want them to feel. To make it a good story, your protagonist must go to hell and back. Here’s a method to do that!