How To Write Dystopia Well

dystopia done well

Dystopia is terrifying as we are always only moments from becoming what we are reading. Write a good dystopia and make your readers disturbed.

Editing Hacks For Writers

editing hacks

These editing hacks will improve your book in an instant. Use them to make your book perfect for publishing and give your readers a good time reading it.

Things That Jump: Part One

things that jump

Now There’s a man clinging with his back to the jutting rock of the first of the Three Sisters, the only one you can actually get to without climbing gear. A black man, in scuffed jeans and an old work shirt with a checked pattern on it, white and red, washed soft. His hair frizzes around his head, smushed into the stone at the back, where he presses his skull against the uneven face of the rock, like a half-hatched egg the rough rock-pillar gave birth to. They are called the Three Sisters after all. Why shouldn’t they hatch a […]

Why Blog Hops are Good for Writers

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you might’ve stumbled across various blog hops. You might’ve even checked them out even if you didn’t participate. It might’ve seemed too scary to sign up for something where everyone will read what you wrote. I’m here to tell you that blog hops are great for you, despite being a bit intimidating. Reasons Blog Hops are Good Networking. The secret to success is NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Some think this an ugly word, but the only way to meet others in the same industry is to hang out where they do. Thankfully you don’t […]

NaNoWriMo – The Ultimate Guide To Winning It


NaNoWriMo is one of the greatest procrastination killers and writing incentives ever to hit the internet. This is, as it is phrased, a very subjective statement – but I will bet you the most participants would back it. And as the National Novel Writing Month approaches, it is time for us to prepare. And if you haven’t heard of NaNoWriMo yet or hadn’t considered joining it until now – I’ve left enough time for you to prepare and join. In this extensive guide I will explain the basics and then give you tips and tricks authors use while participating in […]