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5 writing prompts

It’s about time you got a ‘writing prompts’ post around here. My small follower base is steadily growing, and if anyone of you lack inspiration today, I decided to reward you with these writing prompts. I’d probably use them if I had the time these days, but I’ll come up with some new ones when I get the time.

No. 1

A Word War I soldier is trying to overcome his fears as his weekend leave is ending. His family sees off to the train station where he meets another soldier. Together, they find the needed courage and upon arriving to their regiment, they discover they’re about to go toward Somme. What do they expect? What happens next? Do they survive? Who is to tell their story afterwards? Keep in mind July, 1.

No. 2

A woman comes home to find there is a man with three children who claims to be her husband of ten years. Nice idea to write an unreliable narrator. What happens to them? Why doesn’t she remember having a husband and children?

No. 3

A cabaret performer in Paris is trying to find a way to attract more audience. His plan is morally ambiguous and it only triggers his downfall. A lot left to you to fill in – turn your imagination on.

No. 4

It’s the end of the 19th century. A man wakes up next to a dead girl, hears knocking on his front door, escapes and ends up in a saloon. He has no idea what had happened but is on the run where he meets a group of bohemians who offer to hide him. Why do they do that? Who killed the girl? What happens next?

No. 5

A man is found dead in a boat by the lake. A detective investigating this case gets more than she expected when she realizes there’s a much deeper conspiracy behind the murder. What did the man know or do? What does the detective do? Who is responsible for the murder? What conspiracy is there?

I never really could resist a conspiracy story and this one could easily be one of those light novels. But, I must say, my personal favorite is the first one. It could be packed with emotions and great thoughts on war and peace, class gap and similar.

If you need any help feel free to leave a comment or check out how to apply themes or develop ideas some more.

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

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