5 Short Story Prompts – October

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I love writing short story prompts. I could do this all day long. If only I had enough time to write them all. But, I have y treasure chest full of ideas such as these and it’s only fair to share them.

This is a new thing we at Writer to Writers are doing and I’ll make it a monthly thing. Every month you will get ten new short story prompts, free of charge. Sometimes it will be a line that sparks your imagination and sometimes it will be a full outline. So, get ready for a series of eclectic lists!

This month, we are all getting ready for NaNoWriMo so some of these short story prompts could grow into your next novel! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Not to drag for too long – let’s get started with 5 short story prompts for October!

1. A Horrific Presence

A young girl is certain she can see a World War 1 soldier’s ghost who died in The Battle of the Somme out of her bedroom window near the battlefield. The trouble is, no one believes her and she has to make contact with the ghost to learn what he wants.

2. Bootstrap

A time traveler accidentally looses the journals he found years ago in the past which results in the younger version of himself finding them and creating a time-machine. The problem is – who wrote the journals?

3. A Prophecy

Write a short story as a prophecy. For the killer twist, include the reader reading it in your prophecy!

4. A Funeral

This one might work the best as a flash fiction piece. Set the stage for a funeral. Have family of the deceased mourn them, have their friends gather, have them wait for the funeral to start and talk about the life and importance of the deceased character.

Now reveal that the deceased isn’t dead yet and is late to their own funeral. Where will the things go next? Oh, so many questions need to be answered!

5. A Poor State

In advance, sorry about the pun. A Poor State features a totalitarian state on the brink of collapse and the social matters are in a very poor state. Everyone is certain they have all the rights a human could imagine, the media is absolutely free (so they say), everyone speaks their own mind – but who is listening?

This is a mirror reality with a dark hue to it. So, be sure to describe our own world in the worst way imaginable, but keep it plausible.


Be sure to leave a comment with a link to the story written out of these prompts if you write one. We want to read them all! Also, if you are interested, write the story and submit it here for publishing – we love stories!

Plus, if you would like your short story prompts to be featured, be sure to send them to: submit@writertowriters.com and the best ones will get on our next list!

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Keep writing!

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

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