5 Story Prompts – November

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It’s that time of the month again! We are following up on our story prompts – the newest addition to the variety of resources we offer aspiring writers.


Story Prompts For November

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As always, these prompts can work as short stories or novels, depending on how much work you want o put in them. Some of them are more suitable for expanding, while other’s work better as shots.

Lake Of Deception

A detective stationed in a boring little town with no experience at all is on a case to solve a murder mystery. A girl’s body s found by the lake in a locked boathouse which was abandoned decades ago. The only footprints found don’t belong to a human, but an animal. But, that is not the first time a body was found in the boathouse. Is there a connection between the young girl and a newly married couple found dead thirty years ago?

For the first time in their life, the detective must confront the seriousness of the situation and solve the case quickly as all the signs are pointing towards someone who is continuing the work of a long gone serial killer.

Ungodly City

In a city which lost its faith long ago, a beggar appears. Starving and weak, the beggar is vengeful and resentful. He wants to be liked and loved by those he asks money of, but he demands it rather than earns it.

The beggar is suspected to be god from the Old Testament but there is no proof for such a thing.

What happens to those he meets? And to those who insult him? What happens to the beggar?

A bit unholy and possibly controversial, this is a story I’ve been meaning to write for a while but it doesn’t fit the style I’m aiming for these days so I give it to you. Do it justice and send it to us for publishing if you would like.

A Biographer’s Client

After a writer with a stagnating career is commissioned to write a biography of a popular cooking show star, the star goes missing. The writer had spent weeks with the star, interviewing, observing and following.

Now, the writer is the main suspect not only because his presence was the only unusual thing in his client’s life, but because all the clues resemble a murder mystery he had written years ago.

The writer must go on the run which is exactly what happened in his novel, and now he must find his client before the ending is reenacted. Will he be able to save his client or is it too late? Will he find whoever had done it and save himself from prison?

Digging Him Up

After a series of connected terrors happens in a small town in Victorian England, inhabitants have no other choice but to fight the evil by any means possible. They are stuck together as the presence lets no one leave the boundaries of the town alive, not it lets anyone enter the town.

After barricading themselves in most prominent buildings in the town or in their homes, the citizens plot a way to defeat the evil from beyond. But to do so, they must dig deep into the past and not only metaphorically but literally as well. They find they must dig up the body of a long deceased priest who took a dreadful secret to his grave in the most literal sense possible.

This is a horror story filled with gore and it’s one of my favorites. For a while it was in the running to become my NaNoWriMo project.

A Ballad Of A Mad Doctor

A doctor in an asylum is consumed by the idea of creating a race of immortal beings. He has everything he needs to examine the ways death works. And he’s finally be able to experiment in his fight against dying.

But the time is against him as he discovers he is fatally ill. How will he react? What does he do next? Possibilities are endless!


Oh, how exciting! I hope you enjoyed this month’s story prompts. Be sure to let us know if you write any of these stories! We would love to publish them for you or visit your site where you published them. Also, don’t miss a chance to earn some money and be sure to submit your fine piece of writing to these magazines that pay for stories.

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Keep writing!

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

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