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Note: This blog just reached a thousand visitors for May and it makes me excited since I started working at it during the last week of April. Obviously, I’m in a celebratory mood, even though it’s hard to put it in perspective. A blogs success is measured through time and niche. Still, I decided to move this useful post from its scheduled time to today – to reward the first thousand visitors and all the visitors to come.

Writing blogs are a competitive market. But it’s the case with a majority of blogs that deal with a subject that appeals to the interests of a large amount of people. If you were to blog about tea, using the right SEO methods, you’d be better off than writing about writing.

Still, don’t put up a white flag just yet.

The art of attracting your audience is in showing them what you can do for them. And it’s easy when you have a blog that offers useful content to the audience. All you need to do is guest blog once in a while to set up your reputation.

Here’s a list of sites for writers that accept guest posts, and some of them even pay.

1. JaneFriedman.com

You should read posts to see what type of articles are wanted. After that, contact page is filled with tips and you should have no trouble submitting your post.

2. WritetoDone.com

Here is a Write For Us page that has all the guidelines you’ll need to see if your post could be accepted. The content must be useful, above all else.

3. TheCreativePenn.com

This is one of the most popular and most useful writing sites you’ll come by. It served me very well in the past and got me doing what I’m doing now. To submit your post just click here to see the guidelines and follow it.

4. NovelPublicity.com

A very popular and useful website that accepts guest posts. Your posts should be about a thousand words long and preferably in a list form. You can submit them on the guest post page.

5. BookRiot.com

An interesting site that accepts guest posts. To check if your post is eligible, go here.

There, you have five great sites that accept guest posts. Chose wisely and be sure to check out the guidelines.

BONUS: We accept guest posts as well, check out our Write For Us page.

Keep writing!

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

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    1. I’m really very glad it’s helpful. I know what it’s like to keep motivation up every day when seeing the traffic go down – I just ended my worst week yet – been busy with college. But there it is, a little help 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome. I understand you completely. My guest bloggers get a little bit of traffic but I can’t offer much at the moment – though, if you have some extra posts I’d be happy to make you a contributor 🙂

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