The Anatomy of Story by John Truby

anatomy of story

The Anatomy of Story, written by John Truby is one book that will change the way you see writing. It’s a book I used so many times I lost count. And, it’s a book I turn to when I have a difficult article to write.

John Truby is a screenwriter, director and screenwriting teacher, possibly the most famous for this book.

About the Book

The Anatomy of Story is primarily written for screenwriters. It explains the story structure in such depth that will make you feel like an expert after reading it. Even though it is written for screenwriters I know so many authors who use this book above all. Especially when plotting or when they are stuck on a story that seems to go nowhere.

Some of the topics Truby covers in his crowning achievement are: story space and story time, key steps to story structure, characters, moral argument, symbols, plot and naturally dialogue.

Truby represents graphically many elements that make a story. He explains the background of every action and most of all he gives tips on how to write a high quality story that appeals to your audience.

My Experience

I remember when I first bought this book. It was back when none of us trusted online retailers and when my English was still poor but I discovered it and I wanted it more than anything. So, my parents, who always supported my ambitions, bought it and I can tell you – the best $10 we’ve ever spent! I struggled with understanding it as a teen with no real skills. But, I kept at it. And now I write daily, study communication with ambition to be a full time author/publisher, prepare a magazine for winter and have a site that is gathering many prospective and brilliant authors in marvelous discussions.

It’s that one book every author has on a shelf. It is a go to book you’ll use every week. It’s a knowledge base that helps in every aspect of writing.

Get The Anatomy of Story

anatomy of storyThe book is listed at $9,99 at Kobo US where I bought it and it ships worldwide. If you need some boost, get it here.

The price at Kobo Canada is $10,99 and you can get it here.

And at Kobo Australia it’s listed at $17,14 so you can get it here.

It doesn’t matter where you buy it, they all ship worldwide. So whichever is closer to you, the better.

Note: this is not a professional review but a personal one. I recommend this book only from my personal experience and I didn’t review the style or the structure of it.

Not to worry – it is beautifully written and incredibly helpful. I only wanted you to know that I recommend it because so many authors including me find it useful.

Good luck and keep writing!

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

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