Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge Day 7: Join a Visual Social Media Platform

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Welcome to a new week of Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge. To catch up on previous tasks, go here.

I know, you’re joining another social media platform.

But this one is fun, promise.

Join a Visual Social Media Platform

You can go crazy with this, for not all sites will appeal to all writers. You can even join all three (I know plenty of writers who have and are enjoying themselves.)

So my top three visual social media sites are:




I’m not going to go into the details of each site, because I’m only on Pinterest.

But I can tell you why I’m on Pinterest: according to various studies, Pinterest is one of two top social media networks for driving traffic to websites. (The other is Facebook.) And sadly, Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter.

To optimise Pinterest, check out “Pinning Away”.

Sure, if you can take pretty photos that promotes your brand, you can join Instagram and create an amazing following (which, if you’re a more visual person might work really well for you). The same for Tumblr.

Pick one to start with, like I said: you can join all three. But it’s important to join at least one.

Each of these platforms allow you to write a little something to go with the picture. In that regard, Pinterest and Tumblr can be viewed as mini-blogging sites. Though, I’d still recommend you go with something that doesn’t require people to sign up before they can view your blog posts – it’s just smarter platform building if your blog is easy to find and read.

Hashtags are important on all three sites: it categorises your posts and makes them easily searchable.

As always, here’s the tips to optimise your online presence, no matter the social media network you join:

  • Complete your profile (author photo, tagline of who you are, links to other sites).
  • Be public (it might be difficult for some to share everything with everyone, but to find success, people have to be able to find you. Success won’t find you where you hide in the shadows).
  • Be consistent (don’t disappear for weeks at a time: using your profile on a consistent basis signals to others that you’re alive, well and not a robot. It’s also good for your brand to have a regular posting schedule.).
  • Focus on your goals (don’t get side-tracked by all the fun games and whatever online – even the ones that align with your online presence: with all the Twitter hashtag games aimed at writers, it’s a wonder any writing gets done. Pick one or two and focus on your writing goals – you defined them on day 3 of this challenge.).
  • Say “yes” (meaning: be open to possibilities. You never know when you’ll find unexpected greatness by trying something new).

Which site did you join? Share the URL of your profile on your chosen site in the comments and how you’re experiencing today’s challenge.

Author: Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Ronel writes dark fantasy filled with mythology and folklore, some of which can be read on Wattpad and on her blog Ronel the Mythmaker. When not leading her Rottweiler pack or arguing with her characters, she’s writing award-winning fiction.

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