A New Place to Share and Find Books

Well, it isn’t “new-new”, but when you enter the world of book marketing it is a place you look at with new eyes: Goodreads. I’ve mentioned before that you should join Goodreads to improve your Author Online Presence, but that was more in a “let’s make friends” sense. Why? Because you can find other readers with similar interests and find new books you’d like – just create a profile, load your reviews and mark all the books you still want to read. You can also join groups.  For a full plan of attack, check out this post. Using Goodreads is a […]

One Potato, Two Potato: Part Three

one potato story

One day, not long before Easter, he trudges in weary from sheep shearing on Edgecumbe’s estate. Of his wife, the is no sign. A broth has boiled dry on its hook, the charred crust at its bottom stinks out the whole croft. The days’ marketing waits, in her basket, abandoned upon the table: limp herbs, three small filmy-eyed mackerel. He finds her sat like a hen among the vines, near enough the spot where her old quince tree used to drop its wormy, wasp-blown fruit. Just sat there, legs stretched out under the collapsed sails of her skirts, fists dug […]