Dead Serious And Not Sorry

dead serious

Dead Serious and Not Sorry is a short story by Writer to Writers’ contributor, Ramona Darabant, who will take you to new places with every line she writes.


A wonderful sort story by Writer to Writers’ ongoing author, Gillian Presley. Join the author in this exploration and enjoy the story.

Taxes to Pay – Short Story by Ramona Darabant

shot soy taxes to pay

I got my loneliness flat-tax invoice, on a sunny day in July. It was a Wednesday. Oprah preached from the tube in the kitchen, living room and bedroom simultaneously. I studied the comings and goings down the street, from my third floor balcony. Felix scratched and dug in his litter box. I hoped, he didn’t strike oil. My landlord pulled up, and occupied two parking lots. I was about to point that out to him, but then I noticed the man. He wore a delivery guy’s uniform. His shorts were black with red stripes on the side, his button-up shirt was […]

The Onks

onks short story by ramona fiction fantasy

A magnificent short story by Ramona Darabant, a regular author at Writer to Writers. It’s a fantasy flash fiction piece of art.

How to Get to Houston, in English and Vietnamese: Part Two

how to get to houston

Only $25 left. And Chris had said keep it, for food. Lan didn’t know how much money Chris had, if she had any at all. She’d bought Chris Coca Cola, cans of Red Bull. Snickers bars and Doritos. Gum. Once, a piece of pie with ice cream at a diner, that they shared. At home she always shared with her friends. They shared with her too. It was bình thường. Normal. El Paso is on the border with Mexico. Almost Texas. Almost there now. Chris says they ‘gotta watch out’ for the Grasshoppers. ‘Great food, though y’never know what all […]