Creating A Treasure Chest For Your Ideas


We all have ideas that just pop up, but we mostly think about remembering them or just let them go. It’s a shame because practically anything can be developed into a story if you choose the right approach, the right voice and perspective. It’s shame to loose so many ideas to our current moods. If I’m disappointed and an idea comes to my mind there is no way I would possibly bother to write it down. Not to mention develop it.

There are times when I’m walking down the street and I come up with something I think could be very clever and interesting. So I write it down on my phone. To this day I’ve never seen any note that I had written on my phone.

Last year my mum gave me a beautiful little black diary. Until then I would write my ideas all over this world. I live in two cities since I’m a student, so I hop there and back again, with majority of my time being apart from my family. So, I immediately decided to use the diary as a treasure chest.

Treasure chest is a simple concept of storing out ideas in one place, and have ideas on demand. And it works – a couple of moths ago I was tasked with writing a screenplay for a short film. I did it in a week since I had my little treasure chest with me to offer me the ideas that would work. The rest, to me, was just writing those words down and editing afterwards.

I would suggest you find a file, a diary, a shoe-box and make it a treasure chest. I had so many pieces of paper with something I thought was clever written on them so I had a separate file as well.

Collect all your ideas in one place and keep it near your creative spot. Next time you have your scheduled writing time and don’t have an idea peek inside your appropriately named treasure chest and start writing.

I would suggest you write down every single idea you have, even if it’s incredibly simple or far-fetched, it has the potential to grow. Let it incubate in you brain and wait in your treasure chest. You might come around and use it brilliantly!

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

8 thoughts on “Creating A Treasure Chest For Your Ideas

  1. Ι loved tɦis post! І гead yօu blog fairly օften аnd үour аlways ϲoming out ԝith some ɡreat stuff.
    ӏ shared thiѕ on mʏ Facebook and my follwers loved it.
    Ⲕeep ᥙр thᥱ ցood ᴡork.

  2. Great idea and a nice metaphor for the nomenclature. I have started doing this on my phone which makes it so much more convenient than when I had to carry around a piece of paper and a pen in my back pocket. No more leaky-ink stains on my butt!

    1. Hahaha that’s a terrific idea, it’s just that I’m much more old-fashioned in that respect. It actually gets in the way of being productive but I cannot help it, I need to write stuff down 😀

  3. Last summer I had a similar thought. So I began collecting all the notebooks and scraps I had all over and began rewriting them and organizing them into a two ring binder type of thing with separators for different subjects.

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