Fly Away – Original Story


Writen by Christina Oliver.

Myself and my family, looked up at the sign on the facade’ of the building that said “Golden Corral.  Upon further inspection, we saw up above the sign sat a bird nest. Right below the sign on the sidewalk, was a little bird that was probably only a couple of hours old.

Unfortunately, my Son saw it and asked about it.

He says, “Oh no! It’s sick. I love it.”

He didn’t realize it was dead.

For a minute it brought me back to reality. It reminded me that we are not promised tomorrow.

What hopes and dreams did this little bird have? Such a young life cut short?

If my life was cut short tomorrow, what hopes and dreams would be lost? What things would die in my heart, when my family would bury me in the ground?

Books never read, words never written. A story left untold. This is my greatest fear. That the words I carry in my heart will die along with me.

The fear I felt when I was younger is gone. No longer do I fear failure. I am just like that bird that was trying to fly. I failed. Perhaps not on the scale that he had, for his was a failure of epic proportions.

I am finally beginning to spread my wings, the wings that I never had before. It was my son who gave me that ability. The ability to see the world in a different manner. He allowed me to soar.

I want him to know that no dream is too big, even though he is small.

The greatest gift was that I failed, because if I hadn’t, I might not be writing at this post at all.

What is your greatest fear as a writer?

5 thoughts on “Fly Away – Original Story

  1.’s so beautifully written!

    Loved this line “Books never read, words never written. A story left untold. This is my greatest fear. That the words I carry in my heart will die along with me.”

  2. Katie your are in good company. I have the same fears. I too that fear that I will never be good enough for any print publication. I have also given up in frustration. At least with self-publishing. I tried and failed. I actually pulled my book from the market after having it available for $2.99. It was also free for Amazon Prime subscribers. It was part of Kindle Unlimited, and the Kindle Lending Library. Very few people read it. Mostly family and friends. I also had a few beta readers that read it before publication as well. Some people loved it, other people thought it was ok. Biggest mistake I think I made was not having a content editor.

  3. Nicely written piece, and interesting comments. I think there are all different types of successful writing, as with music. X-Factor style hits are commercially successful, but might not be true to the musicians’ as artists; they might be too, as some people love commercial music more than anything else, and that’s their tastes. I like it better the older I get!
    YouTube is full of great music that isn’t commercially successful, but is obviously what the musicians like and it is played true to their heart. So they are successful by writing music that reflects their love, and resisting the pressure to ‘sell out’. I think it’s the same with writing.
    I could probably write a similar novel each year, like Jeffrey Archer or somebody, but that kind of writing doesn’t interest me, and I’d probably prefer working amongst people… unless it was for much bigger money… which could then fund my more artistic from the heart writing!

What are your thoughts on this?