Focus On Writing- Tips For Writing Without Distractions


Distractions…they are everywhere. Sometimes these distractions make it difficult if not impossible to write.

I have found as a writer the two biggest distractions in my life are the Internet, and my Family.

I have several suggestions for those who are struggling to find the time daily.

Set some dedicated time aside for writing without distractions.
I find the best time for me to do this is late at night the early morning when my young child is still sleeping.

A caffeinated beverage of choice.
It gives you that extra kick you need in the morning or late at night. (My weakness is Starbucks.)

Find a way to write without any distractions.
Sometimes technology gets in the way. There are many things that could deter us form writing on our computer. Facebook, YouTube, Google, ect… I am guilty of letting all these things distract me.


Good old pen and paper.

A Typewriter.

A distraction free word processor.
Either the AlphaSmart Neo 2 or a Freewrite, previously known as a Hemmingwrite

Downloading a distraction free writing program.
Focus Writer, is the program of choice I have downloaded onto my computer. There are others programs that are available as well for free, or for a small nominal fee.

Besides my trusty BIC Atlantis pens, and a notebook or legal pad, Focus writer is my favorite solution to this problem. Since downloading the program, I have been to write everyday. Unable to use the internet, free from pop ups on my computer and other various distractions that come along with an advanced piece of technology.

Sometimes I prefer to write in complete silence, at other times I listen to music to help me get the creative juices flowing. The most important thing I think for any writer, is the ability to be able to write daily and consistently without any distractions.


The AlphaSmart Neo 2 – You can find it here on eBay for approximately $20-30 dollars. _from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R1.TR4.TRC2.A0.H0.XAlphasmart+Ne.TRS0&_nkw=alphasmart+neo+2&_sacat=0
A good investment.

The Freewrite – You can find it here for $500 USD.
A little to pricey for me, but if money was no object. I would love to try one out!

Focus Writer – You can find it here.
It is completely free! But I would suggest contributing a donation.

Here is a link to Graeme Gott’s blog, an open source programmer and the creator of Focus Writer.
You can follow him here at:

How are you able to focus on your writing?
What distraction free solutions to writing, do you find help you in meeting your daily writing goals?

12 thoughts on “Focus On Writing- Tips For Writing Without Distractions

    1. Your welcome. It has been a struggle to find what works for me, but FocusWriter helps me meet my daily writing goal, even if I am only writing for thirty minutes.

      Good Luck with your writing endeavors!

    1. Oh I do love the sound of that! I’m almost a cliche when I start writing 😀

  1. Definitely needed this today! I admit I’m guilty to falling victim to distractions at times; pen and paper with music is a great way to avoid the distraction of the internet haha!

  2. Most of the time, I turn off wifi on my computer and put my phone on airplane mode. Even if I’m tempted to start looking at social media instead, the extra step of turning internet on again usually deters me from doing so.

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