For Those in Shadows – Poetry Collection by Steve Grogan

“For Those in Shadows” is the debut poetry collection from Steve Grogan. His work encompasses a vast array of influences, from surrealism to stream of consciousness to the Beat Generation. He filters these different approaches through his mind and comes out with a voice that is distinctly his own.

No matter what interpretations you get out of his work, there is one thing you cannot misinterpret, and that is his strong love of language, its ability to create new worlds and share his dreams and visions with other human beings.

For Those in Shadows: Poems for Reality

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Author: Redemption Comics

Steve Grogan was born in the often-filmed city of Troy, NY. He has written in a variety of formats (novels, short stories, poems, screen and stage plays, blogs/articles) and genres (horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, drama).

Steve is also a father, a boyfriend, a musician, a fitness fanatic, and a martial artist. He has been studying Wing Chun Kung Fu since 1995, and he maintains a blog/YouTube channel that describe his training habits, epiphanies, and advancement. It also candidly discusses his stumbling blocks, such as his struggle with nutrition and mental health issues.

He is no relation to the New England Patriots quarterback from the 1980’s.

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