How Logic Can Pull You Through – A Tip For Character Creation

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This post was written by ShatterTheFourthWall and I find it very interesting, much applicable to character development as is to our daily lives.

Logic is a learned behavior; encouraged by society and a goal to base all our actions in.  Logic acts as the best reason as to why you do or don’t do something.  Let me paint a picture; you’ve probably had a minor (let’s hope minor) bad experience with fire at least once, right? As in, you got burned and didn’t need to be told twice to avoid that flame because your first experience left such a big impression on you. The outcome was the logical conclusion that if you get in contact with fire, it fucking hurts and pain of course sucks. On the flip side, however, humans can be innately irrational and emotional. You can feel like you are ‘hanging in there’ for a good year, or two, maybe three or even 10 but suddenly your brain just decides to roast you, triggered by a random event, a mini inconvenience or one of the thousands of rejections.

Suddenly, you feel confronted by all of your failures, your losses, your lack of progress and you don’t come out looking good. In fact, you look like a miserable old failure. Disappointment is one of the most painful emotions you are capable of feeling, particularly if it is directed towards yourself mixed with a pinch of shame and hopelessness, and feel like a black hole.

In that state, logic becomes completely irrelevant. You don’t want to hear it. A black hole would suck it in but you would just repel it. Logic becomes what holy water is to a vampire. It’s not what we want at that point in time but it is the necessary thing. Sometimes, we don’t realise that we are barely holding it together just for the sake of putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t stop, never stop, that’s what’s important, don’t think, don’t go there for you know if you do, you’ll be overwhelmed.  Yet when it finally reaches boiling point, you hit a roadblock so hard that you are stranded for much longer than you would have been had you let yourself feel sad or disappointed every time a situation called for it. Iron man is fiction, real people are vulnerable.

You don’t want to acknowledge that however because you want to indulge in your negativity. Because you’ve been craving it but never let yourself go there for fear of seeing a failure in your mirror’s reflection. So when logic comes knocking on your door, either in the form of your own small voice inside your head or the warm calling of a loved one, you are that kid that shuts his ears and screams gibberish. What branches out of logic is perspective and you know that this will force you back into the living. It carries with it obvious facts that you intentionally grew oblivious to.

If you have done anything right, anything at all, you should have failures. Failure is just another word for a lesson learned. Without failures, you learn absolutely nothing. As humans, we need obstacles to overcome or we grow to be complacent and comfortable doing nothing, standing still, adapting to inaction. That telephone interview you aced but the task you failed, you failed because you tried. Had you never applied, you would have never failed. You would have been stagnant, but you weren’t. It’s basically what a comfort zone equates to, often not the best thing to finding yourself in when your comfort zone holds nothing of value and for most of us it’s at home, on your couch with takeaway pizza. Of course leaving it brings home new anxieties because at least that place is comfy (and tasty), if not productive whereas the big bad world is a big bad question mark. Let logic reside; logic that pulls you out of the house,  logic that even has you taking chances because logic understands that your comfort zone is bad news.

We like logic. Logic is like science, it is real, and it is less subjective and much more concrete. It is dependable. Emotion, on the other hand, is much like fire. Depending on the wind, the moisture, the heat and much, much more, fire behaves differently, sometimes unpredictably, sometimes overbearing and damaging, sometimes barely enough to keep someone warm, sometimes the only thing needed to illuminate a huge canvas.

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