Introduction to the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge

author online presence challenge

Announcing the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge for August 2017.


Authors know that they need a proper online presence: their author platform.

Yet, not everyone knows how to go about setting up a proper online presence. That’s why this challenge was created.

The Point of the Author Online Presence Challenge

This challenge will help writers at all levels to get a better grip on their author platform. Each task will come with tips and advice to improve your platform.

Getting it Right

Follow the twenty tasks and you will be well on your way to having a proper online presence as an author.

Don’t feel discouraged if you cannot complete the challenge right now: sometimes it takes time to master a social media network before one feels comfortable with taking on another.

And don’t feel pressured to sign up for every social media network: it’s better to have three great ones than ten where you’re struggling to keep your head above water. Unused social media networks will still show up when people search for you and it doesn’t look good if they’re stagnant. Rather sign up for those you feel comfortable using – they will show up in search results and will do your author platform a lot of good.

How the Author Online Presence Challenge Works

For four weeks, starting on Friday the 4th of August, a new task will be set every weekday to build your online presence.

The first task is on a Friday because it might take you the weekend to get it right – you never know when you’ll want to change things up a bit.

You get weekends off for good behaviour – and to catch up on any tasks you might’ve missed out on during the week.

We’ve created a hashtag you can use on Twitter to share your experience of this challenge and meet like-minded individuals. #AuthorOPChal

Comment on every new task with what you’ve done (e.g. a link to your blog post about the day’s challenge and how well you did) and socialise with others taking part in the challenge.

A Final Word

Challenges like this is a great way to meet other writers and to follow each other’s social media accounts – having friends with similar interests is always wonderful and will come in handy in the future.

Don’t be a Troll: being nasty to other writers taking part in this challenge will only get you blocked on their social media accounts and will give you a reputation of being horrible (and no-one buys the books of people who’ve been nasty to them).

Anyone can take part in this challenge. We’ll be covering the basics of what you need as an author to have a great online presence, though we might miss something which you are very welcome to tell us on the final day of the challenge.

We look forward to having you join us in the month of August. Tell your friends!

Author: Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Ronel writes dark fantasy filled with mythology and folklore, some of which can be read on Wattpad and on her blog Ronel the Mythmaker. When not leading her Rottweiler pack or arguing with her characters, she’s writing award-winning fiction.

11 thoughts on “Introduction to the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge

  1. Um … maybe I’m just missing something, but how does one actually participate in this? Like how/where do I find the 20 tasks?

    1. Hey, the challenge is you do every step with us as Ronel posts step by step every work day during August.
      To show others what you did, share it on Twitter using #AuthorOPChal hashtag.

      The goal is to improve ourselves and our online presence so it’s not a competition but sharing of experiences and progress 🙂

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