Make Money Blogging – A Guide With Infographics

Make money blogging

If you are a blogger or want to be a blogger, you must have considered how you can make money blogging. So many people do make money blogging – it couldn’t be impossible. The good news is – it’s very possible.

If someone tells you it’s going to be easy, it’s a click-bait – leave their site for good.

Earning money is a hard work – but you should know that. After all, we are all writers here. But, the good thing here is the fact you already know earning money means working hard.

So, to help you find a way around monetizing your blog and have you make money blogging, we will cover all these important aspects of blogging:

  • Having a Blog
  • Reaching for Google Rank
  • How to Make Money Blogging
  • Keep the Income Flowing
  • How to Grow Over Time

Almost all of these chapters will have branches of their own. In the months to come I’ll pay close attention to all those areas and incorporate them into this site along with our usual stuff.

There are strategies to earn money blogging beyond what one could imagine – some work, some don’t. But, we’ll stick to the safe path for now and explore in depth three major ways to make money blogging:

  1. Selling Original Products
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Displaying Ads

Having a Blog

I’ve been making blogs since I’d gotten internet connection over a decade ago (living in a slower country). At first it seemed easy but I had no goals. Then it seemed easy enough. Then I started abandoning blogs. Stopped blogging all together. Came back… The cycle repeated itself.

Blogging is time consuming (trying to avoid calling it a full time job this early in the post). But, it certainly feels like a full-time job since one spends more time running a blog than working in an office.

If you have a blog and you are reading this it means you are passionate about your blog. A way to make money blogging is either your goal or would be a nice addition.

If you don’t have a blog it’s time to make one.

Creating a Blog

If you are serious about earning money this way and want to start from a scratch – you’re in luck. It’s best to set your goals straight ahead and judge every action by its worth to the goal.

Let’s say your goal is making a decent sum every month – it won’t happen the first month, or the second month. But if you keep working every day with that goal in mind it will pay off.

Now that you have a goal, you research your options – that’s what this post is about. Your options.

And here are the steps to creating a blog that can generate you money:

  • Pick a Niche
  • Write High Quality Content
  • Self-Host Your Blog
  • Keep Updating It
  • Beat Your Competition
  • Use the Word-Count
  • Use Appropriate Keywords

See the infographic below!

make money blogging


Reaching for Google Rank

This topic is a subject of whole books and studies. So many guides exist out there on how to get a good page rank. My favorite in-depth post on the subject comes from a marketing and blogging wizard Neil Patel – it’s a helpful guide to reaching a good page rank without getting penalized by Google.

But, the first thing you’ll have to do is get a domain and start self-hosting. As great as is for beginners, it is way too expensive if you want a custom domain and all the possibilities and the control over your site.

That’s why I moved to self-hosting. I chose eHost (affiliate link) since they have the lowest prices on the market, have all the advantages other hosting companies offered and the best bit: when they say you get a free domain for life – they mean it. Others give you a free domain but after a year they start charging you.

Plus, eHost has by far the best customer support. They handled every bit of the transfer from to eHost and explained to me what was going to happen since my coding skills are miserable. Above all else, the variety of free plug ins you must use to reach the page rank is amazing.

Having a self-hosted site with a custom domain will greatly improve your chances of reaching the top 10 is search results.

Being Better

One of the greatest strategies for reaching a good page rank is writing content that is better than your competitor’s content. To make money blogging you’ll have to give do your best and do some more.

As I mentioned in the infographic, you should keep an eye on your competition and you should write articles that explain even more. When readers notice that you have better content, you’ll have more traffic. When Google notices you have more traffic, they’ll put you n a better place – and that means even more traffic.

Link Building

Links are the holy grail of blogging. If you can manage to get two or three links from big-name-blogs you will have such a flow on your blog that will improve your rankings instantly. But, don’t underestimate small blogs. Every bit of traffic from other sites gives Google and other search engines a hint that you are the owner of a trusted site.

Reach out to bloggers, send them a post you wrote on the subject and ask them to link to you. Conversion rate is low but if you send out a hundred e-mail to bloggers and five of them link to you – that’s success.

Don’t go into shady strategies with link building – Google is smart. Earn links based on the quality of your content. Don’t put links in comments (it’s useless since you’ll get your comments deleted and will be considered a spammer). Also, comments usually have a ‘nofollow’ tag on them so you won’t have use from putting links in them. But, interact with bloggers.

I get a lot of traffic from WordPress because I spend at least an hour twice a day reading posts and interacting.

The point: quality links = quality traffic.

make money blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

This is the middle point of the post. The most important part! Now we’ll explore the three major sources of passive income for any blogger:

  1. Selling Original Products
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Displaying Ads

All three are a great source of consistent income.

Selling Original Products

You have two options here:

  • Selling Guides
  • Selling Books

I separate these two even though guides are books as well. The reason for that is the fact that guides today have a new form. They are shorter, more to the point and they are full of infographics.

Selling Guides

Writing a guide on the subject of your site proves you know what you are talking about. Of course, anyone can write a guide but you can easily distinguish the ones that offer you real information from those that copy everything from other sites.

I wrote a small guide for beginners that I am giving away for free. Upon exiting my site a pop-up window asks you if you want it and I send it to you once you put in your e-mail address. Also, you can get it by subscribing on the right. Once you confirm your subscription you get an e-mail with a link to it.

You should do the same. Give an insight in short form of what you can offer. Then, write an in-depth guide that covers every detail. This is the guide you are going to sell. You can sell it on Amazon but you can also display it on your site (either with a link to Amazon or sell it directly with PayPal).

Selling Books

Selling books is your primary concern. You are a writer. Having a steady income from your blog will do wonders. But, writing and selling books is your job now.

We live in a fast world and you must be quick about it. You can’t afford to write an interesting book, hook your readers and then spend two years in shadows writing the next one.

Kindle readers will want more and you need to keep up the pace. Especially if you are writing a series – write at least one book a year.

If you are writing stand-alone books it’s fine to have longer gaps. But, if it’s a series the long gap will kill it.

Another tip for hooking readers with your e-book is putting a link in the beginning of the book (or the end, or both) that leads your readers to a landing page where you offer them more free content. There you offer them deleted scenes, expanded explanations of the world you’re describing, backgrounds of your characters and similar stuff. It will be an offer no one can resist. But, ask them for their e-mail address. Once you have them on your list, you can make sure they don’t forget you.

Concerning your e-mail list – don’t take your subscribers for granted. Send them stuff. Send them tips. Engage with them.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve seen our store you’ll know that we sell things we believe could benefit your or interest you. Our notebooks are a perfect tool for creating a treasure chest and we have guides for self-publishing. It’s not ours. We put up the products and we are the affiliates for those companies.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you are the one who chooses the company to represent. Personally, I chose only those companies who sell things that I find useful in writing and that I would recommend to a friend.

You don’t have the permission to publish affiliate links on your free blog, but if you are self-hosting you can start having a commission flow in no time.

The most important part of affiliate marketing is that you need to believe in products you are advertising. It must be something that you would use and something that you think your audience would need. If you think it could help them, by all means – advertise it.

make money blogging

Displaying Ads

You can implement ads on your site easily. Everyone is using AdSense since they have strong policies on who can advertise and who can publish. You won’t have malicious ads.

AdSense filters ads in accordance with your content and with what your audience would want to see. Every ad is tailored with users in mind.

Follow The Rules To Make Money Blogging

Now, if you start displaying ads you’ll quickly see that those ads which get clicked on bring you the most income. You’ll be tempted to click on them yourself but you must not do that under any circumstance. That is a direct violation of their policy and you’ll get penalized.

You’ll also be tempted to ask your friends and family to click on the ads – Google will figure it out quickly and again – you’re penalized.

And lastly, you’ll be tempted to encourage your readers to click on the ads. You can’t do that. Your readers must decide on their own to click on your ads – that’s when you will make money blogging.

Let The Clicks Come

Even though you know that ads are useful to you and to your readers since they are so specific – you can’t ask readers to open them. They must be interested and open them by themselves.

To get people to click on the ads you must design posts to be useful and to the point. Once your posts are oriented, ads will be useful too and your customers will choose to click on the ads if they think it could be useful to them.

Google tailors ads especially for the readers so any given ad should be connected to what your readers are usually looking for.

You can’t really get rich from ads unless you are in a very specific niche that deals with valuable information. But, ads can generate you a good and steady income on monthly basis that will do well with the rest of your income sources.

Keep The Income Flowing

Regular publishing and improving older posts will tell Google you are taking care of your site.

But, there are more ways of keeping the steady income flow. To make money blogging you’ll have to understand marketing.

You’ll need to reach new readers daily. The easiest way to find people without spending money on advertising is following them via social networks.


make money blogging


Follow all of these steps and see your traffic grow.

Encourage your followers to share your posts but don’t encourage them to click on ads (can’t stress that enough).

Healthy traffic is healthy income.

How To Grow Over Time

If you keep posting once or twice a week you should see a steady growth of your traffic and income.

Conversion rates are very small (2% is a universally agreed upon rate). So, from every hundred visitors two will click on your ads and two will buy your book. That’s a good rate as long as it is steady. It’s a rate that will ensure you make money blogging.

Your job is to attract more than a hundred people.

Marketing Books When Self PublishingIf you attract a thousand unique visitors 20 of them will make you profit. But, don’t only look at that. The other 980 visitors might not make you a profit but you’re in this to help people. Having an income from helping people is a noble occupation.

Having posts that are as long as this one is will speed up your growth. That’s one of the reasons we introduced a thousand words minimum to all guest posts. Other reason is that in less than a thousand words not enough useful information can be shared. That is the primary reason for every blogger.

Respect your readers. Reply to comments. Give them free things. Give them special deals on your products. It’s not just a hook, it’s an appreciation of their loyalty to your site.

Shift your perspective from seeing readers as potential customers to seeing your readers as a group of people who get privileges for following you.


If you use the strategies explained above you’ll see an improvement in your results. These are tested strategies that the pioneers of blogging figured out and shared. I tried them out and I’m still using them.

This is an updated article on the universal strategies to ensure a good experience for bloggers and readers.

Be sure to leave a comment so we can discuss these methods and those that I failed to mention. Let me know if there are some topics that you would like to see covered!

Also, you can subscribe on the right to the newsletter where I will soon start sharing even more strategies to successful writing and marketing. I’ll also send you other tips that couldn’t fit here on how to make money blogging. I won’t spam you. I’ll send you an e-book right away and afterwords I’ll e-mail you only when I find an opportunity that seems too good for you to miss out on. Join me on my journey!

Good luck and keep writing!

Author: Mladen Reljanović

Mladen Reljanović is the founder and lead writer at Writer to Writers. He is the author of Oaktown stories, senior student of communication and a pianist.

15 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging – A Guide With Infographics

  1. While I am a writer, I think the blog I would use to make money would be one geared toward my training in martial arts. (I study a style called Wing Chun Kung Fu.) I could offer a free ebook that gives a generalized view of how to train, but then sell one that is more in-depth.

    Also, it’s easy to determine what the free content would be: links to videos that SHOW what the book only tells. 🙂


  2. That’s easy as well. I don’t plan on posting just about Wing Chun; this blog will also include things about other aspects of fitness. Since I am a big fan of alliteration, I imagined something like this:

    Sunday Sustenance (my thoughts/notes on nutrition)
    Monday Mental Health
    Tuesday (undecided as of now)
    Wednesday Wing Chun (videos of forms or self-defense applications)
    Thursday Thinking (thoughts on Wing Chun and other health topics)
    Friday Fitness (summary of my week’s workouts)
    Saturday Sharing (share a link to an article or video that I like and explain why I shared it)

    Although I have assigned a topic to each day, that doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t post other things. If a thought strikes me as worth sharing, then I can and will post it (time permitting), even if it “violates” the rule of whatever topic I am supposed to be on.


    1. That’s great although be careful with going outside that niche. Everything ‘fitness’ is a great and profitable niche – you’ll have a blast. Do pay attention to your competition since that’s competitive market.
      But all in all that seems like a great plan. Do you have any plans on a hosting company? I would gladly help if you’re in need of it but I understand only eHost at the moment 😀

  3. I followed your link to eHost, and that definitely looks like the place to go with!

    As for going outside the niche, I think my plan keeps me in line. This is meant to encompass all the training that goes into my martial art, and working out is part of that. So is mental health because if you suffer from crippling depression, you won’t feel like training or even getting out of bed.

    That is how I see the post day for mental health relating to martial arts training. I think it is obvious how nutrition and exercise fit into it. 🙂


    1. Oh it’s perfectly obvious. I’m actually looking forward to you site – I know you are a trusted source when writing is in question so I believe in your working ethics. And gods know I need a push when exercising is in question 😀

  4. Hey Walt, thank you for keeping my attention focused on what matters. You know, after writing 2,500 words here and almost as much in my WIP I was happy just to finish it – I know how wrong that was.

  5. I have always thought of making money from blogging. I like what you said in the beginning about making a blog and then abandoning it. I found I have done that before. This time around I am trying to blog for myself because I don’t know what will come out of it although I do hope to find a niche in it someday because I write often. Do you find that some bloggers find their niche later in blogging?

    1. Often it is a planned strategy since Google and others need to know what exactly blog is about to know whom to show it. But you can find your focus while blogging here and once you move to eHost and migrate your blog you can exclude the posts that don’t fit your strategy. From there, keep focused on one niche. That’s what I did a month ago and it turned out grate 🙂

    2. Thank you, I appreciate it. I feel confused not having a niche sometimes when it comes to my own writing but I have put so much work into writing for school I plan to utilize my talent for me.

    3. It’s a good thing when you see you diversified. I had previous blogs that were all over the place. It was just me typing stuff. However fun it might have been, having focused on one topic (with two major fields of interest) I feel more productive.

  6. Haha! I don’t know that I will necessarily be PUSHING anyone to exercise. I just want to share my experience. Hopefully people will see me and follow my example. They can learn that there can be such a thing as a fit person who also happens to be a dad, boyfriend, writer, martial artist, and musician while also working a full-time, part-time, and freelance job!

    1. Haha well that’s about what I meant. But the second part of that comment – my, oh, my! You’re more of a fiction hero from where I’m standing. Washing the dishes in between writing is about the size of my time managing capabilities 😀

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