So You Have Writer’s Block?

writer's block

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We all know the feeling, one day you’re brimming with idea’s, your creativity flowing as freely as the river Thames. The next, well, your mind is as blank as a bare sheet of paper just itching to be touched by a pen.

Don’t worry if you’re a little stuck, eventually it will come back, just have a little faith, give your mind a little break, and dig deep into your soul to find your next masterpiece.

Blank Page

However, if you are, like myself, impatient and just can’t wait to get your creative juices flowing again, I’m going to share with you some of the best tips to shake it back up, and end that writers block sooner rather then later.

Before i dive into the tips, i want to discuss some of the common reasons for writers block, so maybe in the future, we might be able to keep that creativity flowing a little longer.


Timing is a big factor when it comes to writers block. You know you want to write, but you just can’t seem to find the inspiration you need to make the words form a readable piece. Sometimes it just simply isn’t the right time, and you just need to let your ideas stew a little longer. Think of it like a whiskey that has been left to mature, the longer it takes, the better it becomes!

2. Fear

Some writers are terrified of sharing their stuff, and honestly who can blame them, the world of critique is a pretty scary place. But you know as well as i do, criticism is essential in becoming a good writer, how can you get any better if you don’t allow yourself to be taught and challenged? Don’t be scared of putting your work out there, be scared of the missed opportunity if you don’t!

3. Perfectionism

Ahh yes good old perfectionism. When you never feel your work is quite ready, or almost finished but never finished enough. News flash, if you think like that, trust me your book will never be complete! you can’t make it perfect on your own, you need help, you need the advice of others to make it better.

All of these things cause writers block, and are pretty common for a lot of writers. I know i’m guilty of a few, so take a step back and re think. Are any of the above you? If they are, you need to start fresh, clear your mind with nothing but the attitude that you can do it. Just tell your story, you can tweak it once its done!

So now we arrive at our destination, what you’ve all been reading for, the tips! I know you’re probably screaming at me to get on with it, so here goes…

Tip 1: Read some inspiring quotes

This was a really good tip that i read once when i was struggling with writers block, and it reminded me that you can get inspiration from anything, all you have to do is look. If you go onto google and find a quote about helping people up when they are at their worst, well i bet you could tell a story about that time you helped your friend who was struggling with depression? or maybe you saw a quote about a t-rex trying to make a bed, and it reminded you of that time you and your friends went camping and tried to put up the tent? see i just gave you two ideas for a story, all from potential quotes off google. Try it, i bet you will find it helpful!

Tip 2: Call up a friend

This ones a bit unusual, however i promise there is method to my madness. You know how when you ring up your friend, you ask them whats been going on, and then next thing you know your an hour into the conversation, talking about that time years ago when you both were at such a party, or that time when you liked such a boy, there’s a story to be told in everything, even a conversation with a friend can bring you inspiration.

Tip 3: Change your environment

Yep, it’s that simple. Go for a walk, go sit in your back garden, under a tree in the park, even in a cafe if your feeling a little peckish. Sometimes changing your setting is the perfect way for your mind to be free to wonder. With this tip, the ideas are endless, you could see an old couple holding hands in the park, and wonder if their story began when they were 16. You could be sat in your local cafe, and have an idea about reviewing the great food your eating at that moment. See where i’m going with this? Give it go, no harm in trying right?

Tip 4: Read

You would think that this one was pretty obvious, but no. Actually a lot of people think that when they have writers block, reading is the worst thing to do, they feel it just clouds their mind more, and while for some people this may be true, it’s not the case for everyone. sometimes, it can also help to read something a little out of your regular comfort zone. So if you normally write romance, why not check out a tragedy novel? you can often merge tragedy and romance together well, so why not see if that can get your juices flowing again. You never know, you may find your inspiration within the least likely source. Now i’m not saying go and write a horror novel if you write comedy, all i’m saying is sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try something new.

Never Stop Reading

Tip 5: Don’t just wait for your writers block to “end”

Okay, i know, it’s not really a tip, more a piece of friendly advice. You do not overcome writers block by waiting for inspiration, or waiting to be inspired. You need to find your inspiration, remember it’s everywhere, all you have to do is look!

The possibilities are endless. As you can see i have given you 5 great tips to try, and also some advice on how to try and avoid getting that writers block in the first place.

But i want to leave you with one last piece of information, If all else fails, and you still have that writers block, you have one ace left up your sleeve, the one thing that has been there all along that will help you overcome this….


Anything at all, just put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, Start with a word, then a sentence, even a joke, and just see where it goes. Your mind can take you to wonderful places when you let it!

Keep writing!


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