Sometimes I Wonder Why I Write

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Have you ever wondered why you write? Have you ever reached a point where you were ready to give up? To quit? To delete everything you’ve written?  I often wonder why I write. I wonder if I’m good enough, smart enough, funny enough, passionate enough and committed enough. What if nobody reads what I write? What if, what if, what if?

I’ve followed other writers, joined writer’s groups and subscribed to newsletters. In addition, I’ve attended webinars and listened to endless sales pitches. All they do is make me wonder even more why I write.  “Experts” tell me that I need to write at least 90 minutes everyday and that I need to find my niche, identify my expertise, pick a platform, ask five friends to describe me, and ask people what they want. Furthermore I’m told I need to create a website, pick an email service provider and on and on and on.

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More “experts” ask me what my platform personality is, why I write, what kind of writing I want to do, and what do I hope to get out of writing. Everyone seems to give me different advice, ideas of what I could give people to subscribe to me email list, and how much I should charge for an article.

None of these have helped me answer my reason for writing. In fact, it has confused me even more. I keep searching, asking myself “Why do I write?” Why put myself through this? Should I even be doing this?

I recently read an article by Shirley Lee called “Writing Is…”. She writes daily in 100 Naked Words on Medium and has become one of my favorite writers because she makes me wonder. Her words make me question. She makes me want to write. I’ve learned that it’s OK to wonder and question.

So Why Do I Write?

While I will probably always wonder why I write, I AM A WRITER. I am a Creator, a Poet, an Artist that paints with words and a Musician. They are all inside me, waiting to be put into words. I AM ME. I write for myself. Writing makes me happy, makes me feel alive, keeps me young and keeps my mind active. I write because I am a writer.

Who I am, why I write and how I write will never depend on the judgments or approvals of others. I am, and always will be, a work in progress. I write for myself and not what I think people want to read. In conclusion, even though I still wonder sometimes why I write, I have made my decision. I AM good enough and I DO have talent. Lastly, I AM smart enough.

So I do it. I write. I AM A WRITER.

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Author: Walt Page

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I have lived a long life with so many experiences and lessons to share. I have always enjoyed writing and creating websites with words, photos and music that fit a particular thought or theme. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a brother-in-law, an uncle and a cousin. I am a US Air Force veteran, a musician, an open heart surgery survivor and a preacher’s kid. I have written essays, lyrics & melodies, poetry, newsletters, policies & procedures, love letters and eulogies. I Am A Creator on and also post on

40 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder Why I Write

  1. Whether I ask the question myself, or if it’s asked by someone else, my answer to “Why do I write” is always the same. That is, to quote Isaac Asimov: “I write for the same reason I breath – because if I didn’t, I would die.” I can’t picture myself not writing. I write to satisfy something in myself that needs to tell stories. I’ve thought from time to time about quitting. Then I pick up the notebook and keep writing.

  2. In my life so far, I have given up writing at least 3 times: 1. Junior yr of high school, 2. First semester of college, and 3. During my first yr of college. Despite dropping it a few times, I always wind up returning back to it. My best friend gave the reason that “Writing must be one of my passions”. No matter if I get frustrated while composing a story or feel self-doubt due to writer’s block, I keep on writing because I have information, opinions, or ideas worth sharing to other people and conversations.

  3. Far too often, the quest to be recognized as a writer disillusions us and distracts us from the real reason why we write.

    Though I think we all want to be household names because of our work, the true reason we do this is because we have a passion for it that won’t allow us to rest easy when we try to ignore it.

    Marketing is necessary if you want to make a career out of writing, but you can’t allow it to blind you to why you do all this in the first place. Sounds like you already came to that conclusion. Great post.

  4. Your article came in at the right moment that I was also asking myself why I have this blog and yet I seldom right anything. I know for a fact that only few if none ever read my blog. But I think the best and honest answer I have right now is that I write because I have this thoughts in my head that I need to share to my future self…do I make sense?

  5. I write for myself also. It is a self soothing practice, much like meditation. When I share my writing with others, it brings me pain only if I am in a room with active listeners in a critique group setting. It brings me pain if I start to wonder what the meaning of it all is, and what will happen with my writing, and where it will take me. Being very clear in your purpose is the only thing you need. My purpose is to heal myself, to entertain myself, to be with me. It is to help me not obsessively look at other people and wonder how I’m doing in comparison to them. The only way to do this thing, I think, is to do it for oneself, no matter how selfish that appears to others. If other people connect with you through your writing, that can be wonderful. But during the process, take care of you.

  6. The nail, hit firmly upon the head. Now I understand myself. But is it a blessing…or a curse? I’ll answer that. It’s a blessing if someone else enjoys my work too.

  7. Wonderful post! I write to record. I write to solidify insights and stories that seem to clump together in my head. I write to leave a mark. A mark of the most important, invisible truth hidden in my mind’s core. Somewhere deep down, lives meaning. So I write. Hoping to finally be able to cut to the heart of it, revealing, and praying I’m not losing direction like every time.

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