One Potato, Two Potato: Part Three

one potato story

One day, not long before Easter, he trudges in weary from sheep shearing on Edgecumbe’s estate. Of his wife, the is no sign. A broth has boiled dry on its hook, the charred crust at its bottom stinks out the whole croft. The days’ marketing waits, in her basket, abandoned upon the table: limp herbs, three small filmy-eyed mackerel. He finds her sat like a hen among the vines, near enough the spot where her old quince tree used to drop its wormy, wasp-blown fruit. Just sat there, legs stretched out under the collapsed sails of her skirts, fists dug […]

Things that Jump: Part Two

things that jump

Things That Jump: Part Two is a beautiful story by Gillian Pressley, a regular author at Writer to Writers who penned numerous stories published here.

Things That Jump: Part One

things that jump

Now There’s a man clinging with his back to the jutting rock of the first of the Three Sisters, the only one you can actually get to without climbing gear. A black man, in scuffed jeans and an old work shirt with a checked pattern on it, white and red, washed soft. His hair frizzes around his head, smushed into the stone at the back, where he presses his skull against the uneven face of the rock, like a half-hatched egg the rough rock-pillar gave birth to. They are called the Three Sisters after all. Why shouldn’t they hatch a […]


A wonderful sort story by Writer to Writers’ ongoing author, Gillian Presley. Join the author in this exploration and enjoy the story.

Taxes to Pay – Short Story by Ramona Darabant

shot soy taxes to pay

I got my loneliness flat-tax invoice, on a sunny day in July. It was a Wednesday. Oprah preached from the tube in the kitchen, living room and bedroom simultaneously. I studied the comings and goings down the street, from my third floor balcony. Felix scratched and dug in his litter box. I hoped, he didn’t strike oil. My landlord pulled up, and occupied two parking lots. I was about to point that out to him, but then I noticed the man. He wore a delivery guy’s uniform. His shorts were black with red stripes on the side, his button-up shirt was […]