Taxes to Pay – Short Story by Ramona Darabant

shot soy taxes to pay

I got my loneliness flat-tax invoice, on a sunny day in July. It was a Wednesday. Oprah preached from the tube in the kitchen, living room and bedroom simultaneously. I studied the comings and goings down the street, from my third floor balcony. Felix scratched and dug in his litter box. I hoped, he didn’t strike oil. My landlord pulled up, and occupied two parking lots. I was about to point that out to him, but then I noticed the man. He wore a┬ádelivery guy’s uniform. His shorts were black with red stripes on the side, his button-up shirt was […]

The Onks

onks short story by ramona fiction fantasy

A magnificent short story by Ramona Darabant, a regular author at Writer to Writers. It’s a fantasy flash fiction piece of art.