A New Place to Share and Find Books

Well, it isn’t “new-new”, but when you enter the world of book marketing it is a place you look at with new eyes: Goodreads. I’ve mentioned before that you should join Goodreads to improve your Author Online Presence, but that was more in a “let’s make friends” sense. Why? Because you can find other readers with similar interests and find new books you’d like – just create a profile, load your reviews and mark all the books you still want to read. You can also join groups.  For a full plan of attack, check out this post. Using Goodreads is a […]

Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge Day 18: Join Goodreads

Welcome to task 18 of the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge. As always, you can check out previous posts here. Today’s task is fairly simple: go to Goodreads and sign up. Join Goodreads Why? It’s an important part of your author online presence. Just like you shouldn’t trust a cook who doesn’t eat, you shouldn’t trust a writer who doesn’t read. Like Stephen King said in On Writing: “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.” I wrote an article on Ronel the Mythmaker on why you should add […]