Steampunk Tropes Which Make The Genre


Steampunk is a wildly fun genre and is steadily gaining traction among the audience. If you want to write your next novel in this genre, be sure to read our list of the tropes which make steampunk what it is.

How To Write Dystopia Well

dystopia done well

Dystopia is terrifying as we are always only moments from becoming what we are reading. Write a good dystopia and make your readers disturbed.

Introducing A New Feature

new feature

We have a brand new feature that you might like. It’s every writer’s dream store! Check it out right away and tell us what you think!

Sometimes I Wonder Why I Write

Marketing When Self Publishing

Have you ever wondered why you write? Have you ever reached a point where you were ready to give up? To quit? To delete everything you’ve written?  I often wonder why I write.